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Who are we?

Meso Funky helps creative individuals and organizations stay ahead of emerging design curves. Providing trend forecasting and design services with unique branding, colour palettes, conceptual ideas, and cultural developments relative to the areas of Fashion, Interior and Lifestyle Design.

The majority of our clientele fall into the following disciplines/industries:

Fashion, Industrial Design, Interior Designers, Art Directors, Agencies, Manufacturers, Buyers, Wholesalers, Schools and Associations

Our mission: to seed fresh ideas into
forests of imagination.

The major benefits for our clients are to feel more effective, informed, to get work done faster, better and inspire them to create/design a better product line.

What makes us different?

Our professional experiences within Fashion, Interactive, and Print provides us/clients with a wealth of knowledge: Best practices and standards;

  • Up to date on the latest trends;
  • full solutions for fashion / Interior / lifestyle companies;
  • knowledge of the European and North American market.


In order to enable our clients to rapidly adapt/predict developing lifestyle and fashion trends we work with them to:

Develop Trend Forecasting

For fashion + beauty + lifestyle industries. We analyze/monitor current trends in technology, textiles and consumer demand and apply our research to develop products/services that help our client adapt and succeed in highly competitive consumer markets

Develop Branding

We treat Brands as living, breathing beings that evolve, react and mature with target demographics. To do this, Meso Funky provides design adapted marketing media:


For more Info please contact us, Phone: +1 647 528 7340 or/and