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Lifestyle trend: ‘Pinning’

Lifestyle trend: ‘Pinning’

Lifestyle trend: ‘Pinning’

By – On September 04, 2012 – In Lifestyle Trends With 2 Comments

For many creative professionals, inspiration is often drawn from everything and everywhere. Many times we collect images for current and future references. Luckily the fast growing social media platform Pinterest is there to make this a little bit easier. Working like a real-time magazine, viewers create boards of images for others to view with full commentary and links. Users have options to re-pin what they see, click “like” buttons to images they like, and follow other users and boards on the site.

5 Successful Pinning Tips:

1. Spend The Time: 10 minutes is great, but with a site like Pinterest you really need to look around to explore the different boards and images on the site to see what’s already on it and what you can/should contribute.

2. Be Interactive: Go all out with tagging, the trending keywords, and create repin-worthy captions with your pins. Connect your account with other social media platforms and respond to other users to get the best experience with this photo sharing platform.

3. Pin Quality Photos and Links: A pretty picture is always nice, but a quality link along with the photo gives your pin that extra quality that can keep your followers looking forward to your future pins.

4. Consider Seasonal Pinning: When certain holidays approach, boards that relate do particularly well. Try to pin your images according to the season.

5. Create Amazing Boards: Get creative and create some unique boards that relate to your target audience. Go for lifestyles, colors and the like for themes as they tend to pick up more interest among users.

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  1. I can’t stress #3 enough. Also if you are building or having your web site or blog built, be sure to name and alt name your photos informatively so people can connect back to the source, find you through search.

  2. What a terrific post, Meso Funky! Those are excellent reminders for all of us who love to pin! Here are a few other tips that might prove helpful to some fellow “pinners” out there:

    Do a “Featured Item/Pin of The Day.” Reserve this board for only one special pin per day that showcases something really eye-catching or special to you in some way. Consider adding your URL into a pin’s description to send more traffic to your website. You’ve worked hard on your Pinterest boards…so PROMOTE your site! Add your Pinterest URL to your email signature, eZine/newsletter, business cards, LinkedIn profile-anywhere you’d like to spread the word about your site! Pinterest can be a great marketing tool when used in the right way.

    Thanks for allowing me to drop my two cents in! Happy pinning!

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