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Maison & Objet 2012: Elements

Maison & Objet 2012: Elements

Maison & Objet 2012: Elements

By – On October 25, 2012 – In Blog, Maison & Objet With No comment

This space designed by Francois Bernard explores new emotions and sensations. It showcases new standards of living. The spaces combine “geometrical, archetypal, molecular, and abstract forms to achieve simple, poetic timelessness”. These forms intermingle and reinterpret the elements of water, air, earth, and fire. New interpretations “invite us to ‘dream’ of their forms, their surface appearance, or physical properties of their materials”.

Water inspires fluidity, transparencies, blurred surfaces, softness, lacquered and reflective surfaces and provides us with deep blues, turquoise, and graphics of bleeding inks.

Air on the other hand induces fragile, light, inflated, disembodied, ethereal, phantom-like, invisible objects reminisce of dream-like materials. These objects are further influenced by meteorology and climatic states like rain, steam, mist and storms.

Earth then ground forms, giving objects the inspirational stability and solidity in built forms. Materials are further inspired by crystallizations in stones, salts, and clays.

Finally fire builds energy and gives rise to a new trend of copper. The new material “embodies energy, beauty, and softness”.

Credits: Maison & Objet Paris

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