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Maison & Objet: Material Focus

Maison & Objet: Material Focus

Maison & Objet: Material Focus

By – On October 26, 2012 – In Blog, Maison & Objet With No comment

As this year’s show focus on minimalism, elements, and the essentials, many of the exhibitors design products that explore raw materials from our natural world. Included are wood, paper, concrete, stone and metals, all done with a unique perception and understanding.

1. Wood was used most often in its raw form; twigs and branches producing a rich, simple yet rustic look. Uncommon uses allow for wood to bend in curved and fluid shapes.

2. In contrast, paper a material which previously was perceived to be light and fragile is reinvented and taking on a different role as a strong, sturdy material. It is compacted to produce tables such as VIJ5’s “Tabloid Tafels’. Paper also has an eco-friendly factor inspiring many designers to reuse cardboard and recycled paper in their work.

3. Concrete on the other hand is used with the tactile and sensual feel in mind. It is no longer rough as we have previously known it to be. Instead it is “pigmented, luminous, and even magnetic”.

4. Similarly stones made its way to many of the designs embracing geological inspiration in forms of pebble-like shapes and diamonds.

5. Finally there is a huge focus on metals specifically copper. Alongside with the industrial trend, designers are using copper for and reinventing the material for an elegant and sleek look.

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