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Micro Trends at Maison & Objet

Micro Trends at Maison & Objet

Micro Trends at Maison & Objet

By – On October 26, 2012 – In Blog, Maison & Objet With No comment

The show exhibited a tremendous amount of interesting designs by various artists across the world. Among their work there are 5 micro trends that consistently popped up among these designers.

Animal Figures

In different materials, functions, and décor are the use of animal figures. Furniture is taking shapes of animals such as the Animal Chair collection by 28 Biaugust. Some decorate our hands such as the animal rings by Haoshi from Taiwan.

Use of ropes

Second notable micro-trend is the use of ropes within a design. Pieces are knotted or plaited.

Childhood play

Another fun micro-trend worth mentioning is are objects made from the playfulness and reminisce of childhood play. From colourful bricks to rigid geometric patterns, these designs capture the blissful childhood memories.

Contemporary craft

Many designers also give a new twist to old handicraft. This contemporary craft gives handiwork a refreshed look bringing together the past and the future.

Light bulbs

Finally, throughout the show, there were many different designs and use of light bulbs. They were practical, eco-friendly, and stylish.

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