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Our Services

As a Trend Forecasting Consulting Agency, Meso Funky helps clients deliver the right products, at the right time, to the right time.

Clarify Product Vision For the Future

Perhaps your vision is a new line of futuristic products, or a fun, playful collection. In order to execute color, texture, style and shape within product development, the entire creative team must share the product vision. Meso Funky works with executive, creative and product development teams in a collaborative environment to:

  • Clarify vision
  • Provide insightful direction to move ahead with confidence
  • Advise on product innovation and marketplace relevancy

Confirm Industry Trends and Desired Market Reach

Whether you offer lifestyle products or interior design collections, Meso Funky works with clients to define target consumers, understand customer preferences and explore colour palettes and textures that spark purchases.

Define Product Development Direction

Meso Funky trend reports and analysis provide a global perspective as well as focused and industry research to validate product development direction.

Sales Support

Meso Funky supports makes and marketing teams with trend report presentations to buyers. The outcome – buyers are motivated to purchase new collections season after season.

Trend Forecasting

Meso Funky analyzes and monitors current trends in technology, textiles and consumer demand. We apply our research to develop products that help our client adapt and succeed in highly competitive consumer markets


We treat Brands as living, breathing entities that evolve, react and mature with target demographics. To do this, Meso Funky provides design adapted marketing media:


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