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Lifestyle trend: ‘Superhero’

Lifestyle trend: ‘Superhero’

Lifestyle trend: ‘Superhero’

By – On July 12, 2012 – In Blog, Lifestyle Trends With No comment

In the new millennium there is a rise in popularity of superheros with blockbuster movies such as XMen and Transformers. Not limited to the big screen, there has also be a growth of real life superheros (RLSH) in cities across the world. Dressed and masked in superhero costumes, these individuals used a new form of activism and altruism in their local communities. The concept of an RLSH is not new, with the earliest recorded hero in 1969.

In fashion, these trends are reflected by colorways inspired by iconic superheros like Spiderman, tight bodycon silhouettes with peek-a-boo cut-outs and panels. In interior, furniture mimic superhero’s costumes in both colors and silhouettes, with prints reminiscent of traditional comic book graphic novels.

Credits: Jangsara

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