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Yosef Peretz’ “Tokyo” Collection

Yosef Peretz’ “Tokyo” Collection

Yosef Peretz’ “Tokyo” Collection

By – On November 27, 2012 – In Blog, Print Inspiration With No comment

Yosef, who is known for his tremendous talent and boundless imagination, sharp senses and audacity, alongside with his endless charisma and colourful personality, is still going strong after more than a decade.
He makes it a point to collaborate on projects within the worlds of art, design and popular culture. His avant garde and visionary designs are “must have” items for local celebrities and socialites. In “The future starts in Tokyo”, he collaborated with the costume designer Miki Avni and created this alpha city as a reference point to project his surreal visualizations on his collection. Meticulously detailed prints are keeping the eye busy by creating tricky illusions of faces. Just like Giuseppe Arcimboldo did, but minus the vegetables.

Credits: Yosef Peretz

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